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Mother's Day With Vita: Donna Lennard & Ippolita Rostagno

Mother's Day With Vita: Donna Lennard & Ippolita Rostagno

This month's Q&A is with two of our favorite mothers, Donna Lennard and Ippolita Rostagno! Donna is the founder of il Buco Family and lives in NoHo with her sixteen year old son, Joaquin. Ippolita is the founder, CEO and designer of fine jewelry brand, IPPOLITA. She lives in Brooklyn with her kids, Maya and Dante. 

IL BUCO VITA: Do you have a cherished recipe passed down to you from your mother or family member that you plan on passing down to your kids?

DONNA LENNARD: My mother's Chocolate Roll is the family favorite!  It's a flourless chocolate cake with a bit of coffee in it, rolled with your favorite ice cream flavor or flavors;  we usually do 2 flavors, half and half to please everyone.

IPPOLITA ROSTAGNO: “Pappa al pomodoro” is a good standby. It’s the Florentine version of pizza, meaning a delicious dish made of bread and tomato sauce.


IBV: Any special Mother’s day plans this year? 

DL:  My sisters are coming out east for the weekend with their sons and girlfriends to spend time at my beachhouse.  Very much looking forward to being all together for the first time in over a year.  Should be interesting with their 2 dogs and my Bengal cat all in one house!!

IR: This year I will be on a plane headed back to New York from Milano, my first trip in over a year. When I finally get home I look forward to celebrating Mother’s day dinner with delicacies from the airport gourmet shop!

IBV: A cherished Mother’s Day memory?  

DL: My very first Mother's Day as a new mom, exhausted, sleep deprived and happy as I've ever been with my almost 2 month old boy!

IR: The best presents I have ever received for Mother’s day have been my two children, Maya and Dante.

IBV: Breakfast in bed - Yay or Nay? 

DL: Absolutely YAY!  A family tradition that should never die, after all, when else do we get pampered so well instead of doing all the pampering!!

IR:  Nay

IBV: Has your entertaining style been influenced by your mom or another mother figure in your life? 

DL: My mom always loved to entertain.  I have the fondest memories of her tinkering in the kitchen, completely organized with attention to every detail, truly impressive.  My style is much more my own, more free style but under her influence for sure!

IR: I have been inspired by many mothers over the years, and have delighted in adopting all their entertaining tricks.

IBV: What is your favorite thing to cook with your kids? 

DL: Challah french toast, pancakes - in many sizes, shapes and toppings (berries, nutella, powdered sugar, syrup) or good old fashioned french fries which my son loves to make!

Photo by Sunny Norton & Giada Paoloni